Our Products

Med. Service is honored to launch our MassTech claims management software, a competitive application in Medical Insurance field.

MassTech Software is a total medical insurance solution of twenty years experience designed to exceed your business requirements in the medical insurance field. The system is built in a flexible way allows you to add new technical features, insurance regulations and insurance policies.

MassTech Software automates all insurance transactions, offer online services and manages claims, reinsurance, contracts, financial settlement and reports in user friendly high quality way.

Competitive Features
* Decrease operational cost
* High level of accuracy
* Latest international medical trends
* Implement processes
* Speed up work
* Preserve historical data
* High level of security
* Flexible authorization (all insurance definitions and software users)

Competitive Functions
* Maintenance of :
- Group and individuals medical insurance policies.
- Healthcare provider's contracts and financial settlement. 
- Medical protocol through medical factoids, artificial intelligence and medical core data. 
- Medical claims 
* International Classification of diseases (ICD9), Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and Medicines.

Competitive Specifications 
* Supports online transactions (IVR, Smart Cards and ADSL Connectivity)
* Solid technical base (Microsoft SQL 2005 database, Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000 – 2003 Server, and Operating System Microsoft Windows XP\Vista for the end-user station)

MassTech Software is a very robust system that can be configured in many different ways to suit your needs. It provides you with SPSS data and accurate reports. Reports provide numbers and data in an understandable manner. You can easily count on MassTech Software report when taking decisions.

By offering you MassTech Software, we are offering a strategical partner serves your future business.