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a leading Third Party Administrator (TPA) that was established in Amman- Jordan in 2001.  The company's main objective is to provide Health Insurance companies and self-funded health plans with professional administration services for their health coverage programs. Since its establishment, Med.Service has gained knowledge and experience through the implementation of the latest information technology that enabled us to analyze health services utilization data that have accumulated over the years.  Consequently, Med.Service has become well positioned to provide its clients with consultative services that range from the improvements existing health care programs, to designing custom-tailored programs created specially to meet the requirements of some of our clients.

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Med.Service provides a wide range of services to all involved parties, let it be insurance companies and self-funded insurance programs. In detail, Med.Service offers the following services: 1. Contracting and managing an extensive and geographically spread provider network...More

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Health Care Providers Network MedService has adopted a strategic stance in contracting the health care providers, we recruit only those providers who meet our standards of quality and efficiency. MedService has the ability to contract any new provider ( with the appropriate credentials ) upon the clients request and with the authorization of the insurance companies.  ...More

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