Our Services
Med. Service provides a wide range of services to all involved parties, let it be insurance companies and self-funded insurance programs. In detail, Med. Service offers the following services:

Contracting and managing an extensive and geographically spread provider network In order to provide subscribers / beneficiaries with easy access to care.

Negotiating preferred fees (lower than the going rates) with health care providers, which translate into significant savings to clients (insurance companies and self- funded programs).

Adjudicating claims through a process that involves medical audits based on internationally recognized medical protocols that examine the appropriateness of requested medical procedures and drug-treatment.

Performing financial audits and processing payments to providers.

Managing hospital admissions based on internationally adopted medical protocols.

Performing utilization and case management reviews.

Providing self-funded programs and insurance companies with consultative services that include costing and measurement of policy feasibility.

Performing viable statistics such as burning costs, rate of incident and IBNR ratios.

Performing all administrative, health expense management, and reporting tasks on behalf of clients.

Developing and marketing of medical insurance software.